Friday, 27 September 2013

Bundaberg and Bargara Beach

Bundaberg is located on the Burnett River - it was still recovering / rebuilding after the recent record 1 in 200 year flood. Many houses and several motels were completely destroyed in the January 2013 flood. The main shopping complex was inundated as were many homes. We stayed in Bundaberg and visited and swam at nearby Bargara Beach. We would stay at Bargara Beach next time we pass through this way. we swam at the Bargara Beach "the Basin" which is a very large swimming rock pool which was made by South Sea Islanders (Kanakers) to provide a protected swimming location from sharks for the locals.
Bargara Beach swimming rock pool - the Basin

Barolin Rocks near Bundaberg

Elliot Heads - a popular holiday spot near Bundaberg

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