Friday, 4 October 2013

Hervey Bay

We enjoyed our stay at Point Vernon in Hervey Bay. We road our bikes along the numerous bike paths along the esplanade. We had to wait 6 days for the strong winds to subside enough for us to do a whale watching cruise. This was a most enjoyable whale watching trip with many whales and calves seen - several very close to our boat. The hump back whales were very active and we even heard them sing - via the boats microphone in the sea. Hervey Bay is a busy town - they have 1.6 million visitors each year. the town seems to thrive on whale watching and Fraser island tourists who depart from here. 
walking on Torquay beach at Hervey Bay

The Urangen pier at
Hervey Bay - 880 meters long

A singing boy and fish near the pier

a view into the botanical gardens

reflective pool at botanical gardens

a blossom amongst the flowers

enjoying the flowers at the botanical gardens
the Tasman Venture boat which we went whale watching on
A whale diving

A whale spouting

a whale pectoral fin flapping the water - very loud


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