Friday, 9 August 2013

Cooktown QLD

Cooktown is a small town beside the Endeavour River, named by Captain Cook. His ship, The Endeavour, was damaged when they hit the Great Barrier Reef  and they had to beach and repair the ship at Cooktown in  June 1770. The Endeavour's anchor, & one of its 6 cannon's, is in the Captain Cook Museum, an old convent. Cooktown is surrounded by rainforest covered hills and at the foot of Mt Cook. It grew in size due to a gold rush and still has some of the old pubs. We enjoyed locally caught wild barramundi and prawns. There is a great coffee shop right across from the Captain Cook memorial with views of the river bank where you can sit  and enjoy the warm weather, without glass!
There is a great 360 degree view from Grassy Hill of the river and ocean. The Botanical Gardens are lovely and shady on a hot day.
We stayed for 3 days which was very relaxing. We enjoyed the warm weather which reached 27 degrees every day. We enjoyed a swim in the pool every day. It was warm in the evenings too. The Big 4, Cooktown Holiday Park was set amongst beautiful trees and ferns, but our site was a bit close to the road to the Industrial area, which had work starting early in the morning. 

We swam in the caravan park pool which was lovely. Hard to believe it is winter up here. It was our most northerly town to visit, and tropical with palm trees and frangipanis.

Cooktown wharf

Cooktown wharf  and croc warning

anchor from The Endeavour

Captain Cook landed at Cooktown after hitting the Barrier Reef

View of Endeavour River from Grassy Hill

Looking down at Cooktown

Cooktown by the Endeavour River

Enjoying the warm weather

Statue of Captain Cook in main Street

View from Grassy Hill out to sea
Red Ginger plant in Cooktown Botanic Gardens

Croc spotting by the Endeavour River

Musical instrument  ship by Endeavour river

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