Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Daintree Rainforest QLD

We enjoyed staying at the Pinnacle caravan park at Wonga beach which was ideally located about 10 mins drive to the Daintree River Ferry & 20 mins drive to Mossman Gorge visitor centre. It is a very quiet park, a short walk to Wonga Beach, a small cove with coconut palms. The park had lovely shady trees & lots of birds. It was surrounded by rainforest which reminded us of staying in the Daintree, which we did 7 years ago. It also had a lovely salt water pool which was in the sun so one of our favourite parks.

We had a sunny day for our trip to the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest. Our previous visit, with Laura, was on a cloudy day. We caught the ferry and spent a relaxing day. We saw lots of signs warning of cassowaries but didn't see any.  We did  3 lovely  board walks, all with  different scenery, and had time for coffee at a café surrounded by the rainforest and locally made ice cream at the ice cream café gardens. The ice cream was flavoured with locally grown tropical fruits, eg: banana, coconut & chocolate pudding plant, and was delicious.

View from lookout to sea & Daintree river.

Daintree River, where the rainforest meets the reef.

Walking the board walk

Lush rainforest

Tree ferns

Huge trees and creepers

Palms & people share the boardwalk here

Huge tree palms up to 2 metres wide

View of Cape Tribulation

Peaceful Wonga Beach

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