Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mission Beach - 2nd visit

We have just had 6 relaxing days at Mission Beach Hideaway Caravan Park, which is adjacent to rainforest & just across the road from the Beach with nice views of Dunk Island. The caravan park has a lovely sunny pool & lots of coconut palms and ferns.  The sea was warm and gentle waves with 24kms of sandy beach. We regularly heard, and saw 2 blue winged kingfishers eating little crabs on the beach. We were thrilled to see cassowary's wandering between the bush and the road on several occasions, as they are endangered. They are up to 2 metres tall and eat tropical fruits. We found Mission Beach a lovely spot, with some shops, restaurants and cafes but not too developed or busy. It is surrounded by beautiful rain forest and some lovely rain forest shaded walks. Fan Palms grow up to 60 metres tall and 2 metres wide. We saw a big Monitor Lizard while doing the Fan Palm Walk. Others saw a cassowary on the Lacey Creek walk but we only saw butterflies and dragonflies.
Lacey Creek Walk - cassowary's come here.

Cassowary near Mark's Park, Tully Road, near Mission Beach

Fan Palm Walk  

Ready for Dinner at Mission Beach Resort

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